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Best Private Investigator

Are you doing searches for ‘best private investigator'? If you're in Van Nuys, CA, Burbank, North Hollywood, or one of the surrounding cities and towns, call us at Austin Investigations. Once you use us once, you'll never have to search ‘best private investigator’. We care about our clients and treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy. We have the tools and equipment we need to handle all types of investigations. We also have experience in all types of investigations. We get to the bottom of every case that we are given. We are thorough and work hard to give you the results that you need to feel confident. Whether we're determining how a fire started during a forensic investigation or letting you know whether or not your spouse is cheating, we give 100 percent.


We understand that the cases we are called in on are often delicate and need a discreet touch, and we always act discreetly. We also know that cases such as infidelity and cheating are emotional. Hiring us takes some of the emotion away. We do the up close and personal work so that you can keep your distance and your cool. We present our findings in a factual way so that you can clearly see what is going on. If nothing is going on, we will tell you so you can relax and go about your life. If something is going on, you have the evidence needed to present your case to the other party, and to your lawyer, if need be.

We do investigations for individuals, corporations, insurance companies, and legal professionals. If you have a case that you feel needs the very best private investigator Van Nuys has to offer, give us a call. We're ready to get to work. We pledge to always do our best for you.