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Child Custody Investigator

It's always sad when relationships don't work out, but it's especially sad when children are involved. In a perfect world, parents would be able to come together to agree on child custody and work together to co-parent. Sadly, it's not a perfect world, and parents are often at each other's throats over visitation and child custody. The best interests of the child should always be at the forefront of any split. The child is unable to care for themselves and needs parents that can provide the best care possible. If you are no longer a couple, and you're concerned about your child's safety and wellbeing, call us at Austin Investigations.

We will conduct a child custody investigation to ensure that your child is being properly cared for. When a child cannot fight for themselves, it is up to those who love and care for the child to do it for them. We will gladly help you do this. If there is something to be concerned about, we will get that information to you, so that you can go through the proper channels to protect your little one. If everything is fine and your child is being well cared for, we will find out, and report back to you. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to relax, secure in the knowledge that even though the relationship did not work out, your child is being loved and given the care that he or she deserves.

We have years of experience in the field of child custody investigation. Therefore, when you hire us, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best. We serve Los Angeles, CA, Glendale, Van Nuys, and other nearby areas. We are here for all of your private investigation needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.