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Infidelity Investigator

At Austin Investigations, we conduct a variety of different investigations for our clients in and around North Hollywood, CA, Reseda, Valencia and many other areas. We conduct these investigations discreetly and with care. We understand that for many of our clients, these investigations are very personal. Perhaps, none are more personal than an infidelity investigator. On one hand, you may feel that something is going on, yet the other party just denies it, thus making you wonder whether you're just imagining things. You likely want to be wrong, because no one wants the person they love to cheat on them with someone else. It's heartbreaking and brings up so many emotions. When you hire us as an infidelity investigator, we understand how hard it is on you. We therefore always strive to be caring and compassionate. We go into this hoping that everything is fine and that there is no cheating.

However, when we do find out that cheating is going on, we report back to you so that you can take the appropriate steps. You may decide to say nothing for a while, and see whether things can be worked out. You might also decide to go the other route and contact your lawyer to discuss our findings. Whatever you decide to do with our information, you can be sure that we will thoroughly carry out the investigation and turn over all of our findings, so that you can decide where to go from there. We are always careful with your information and we will keep it in strict confidence. We have many repeat clients, and if we weren't careful with information, they would never trust us again.

We take cases for both private and corporate clients. If you suspect that your business partner is taking money from the business, we'll find out for you. If you don't feel that your ex is taking care of your child, let us investigate. If you are concerned that on your property was set on fire, we can get to the bottom of things. We are well qualified to conduct these investigations, and we get results.