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Private Detective

At Austin Investigations, we are in the business of helping those in Lancaster, CA, Palmdale, Valencia and the many other areas of California to ease their mind. We strongly believe that a private detective is the best person to dig into another person's history and life. We have the knowledge on how to do things. We know where to look for the information we need, and we know how to do surveillance, without tipping anyone off to the fact that they're being watched. We also have the tools to get the information that we need. When you need a private detective, we hope that you'll turn to us as so many others in the area have done. We truly believe that more people would come to us if they just learned to trust their instincts.
Whether it's in business, or in a relationship, we believe that you instinctively know when something isn't right. You likely get little inklings that something is off with a person or something within a business. However, we are taught not to judge and not to trust our feelings. We should trust them. Maybe we shouldn't judge, and we shouldn't accuse without proof, but when we feel that something is wrong or 'off', chances are pretty good that it is. We will get you the proof you need to back up your feelings.

We strongly feel that if more people trusted their gut instinct, there would be less heartache, less stress and more harmony in the world. Even if you feel bad about your thoughts about a person, if you have a strong feeling that they are up to no good, give us a call. We will investigate and get back to you. If you're right, you'll be able to avoid falling into whatever trap that person has set for you, and you'll know that your instincts are spot on.